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How do I create an assignment?

Instructors can create assignments on the Assignments page. It can be created as an assignment shell, which is a placeholder for an assignment within an assignment group, or it can be created as an entire assignment with all the assignment details at the same time.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Add Assignment Shell

  Add Assignment Shell 

To create an assignment placeholder with a title and a date, create an assignment shell in an assignment group.

Assignment groups [1] house the different types of assignments used in the course, such as assignments, discussions, quizzes, surveys, etc. If assignment groups are created, students can filter their assignments page by assignment type to view the same groups. Learn how to add an assignment group.

To create an assignment shell, locate an assignment group and click the Add Assignment button [2]. Assignment shells only include fields for the assignment type, name, due date (optional), and points. Instructors can add assignment details at any time by editing the assignment.


Add Assignment

Add Assignment

To create an assignment with all assignment details at the same time, click the Add Assignment button.

Assignment details include fields for the assignment type, name, description, points, assignment group (if desired), grade display, and submission type, and due dates. Instructors can also specify if the assignment is a group assignment or requires peer reviews in the assignment details lesson.

When adding details to an assignment, it can also be assigned to all students, course sectionscourse groups, or individual students as part of the Canvas differentiated assignments feature.

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