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How do I use the Canvas course setup tutorial as an instructor?

The first few times you create a new course in Canvas, it's a challenge to remember all of the steps required. Instructor tutorials help you become familiar with Canvas and learn how to create a course easily.


  • This feature is currently an account opt-in feature. If the course tutorial is not available in your course, your institution has not enabled this feature.
  • If the course tutorial is available to you, you can close the course tutorial at any time. If you want to reenable the course tutorial, you can enable the tutorial as a user feature option in User Settings.
  • If your course is set as a blueprint course, the course setup tutorial does not display in blueprint courses.


View Tutorial

  Open Course Setup Checklist 

When you open a new course, the course defaults to the Home Page. The page will also expand the Home Page tutorial. The Home Page tutorial tells you the purpose of the page and what to do next.

View Home Page

The Home Page defaults to the Modules layout, but you can change the Home Page to any other layout option. If you want to use Modules as your home page, you can easily create a new module or add existing content to create module items.


Collapse Tutorial

Collapse or Expand Tutorial

Each Canvas index page in the Course Navigation Menu includes a tutorial except for the Outcomes tab. By default, the tutorial is expanded in each page. Once you read the content in the tutorial, you may want to collapse the tutorial as some pages contain content behind the tutorial. The state of the tutorial is persistent across Canvas pages, so if you collapse the tutorial in one page, it will stay collapsed until expanded again.

To expand or collapse the tutorial, click the arrow icon.

End Tutorial

End Tutorial

To end the tutorial at any time, click the End Tutorial button.

Note: Ending the tutorial means that the tutorial will no longer display in any of your courses.

End Course Set-up Tutorial

Click the Okay button.


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