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Request Or Give Remote Control


  1. Participant must join meeting with PC, MAC or iPad device.
  2. Participant that is sharing screen must be on a PC or MAC. 

You can request remote control from host or the participant that is sharing screen.  

  • Once the user has started sharing you will need to locate the tool bar menu drop down at the top middle of your in meeting window. (i.e. "You are viewing "Michael Mariscal's screen") 
  • Next will select "Request remote control right" This will then send the host/participant sharing a notification asking whether or not they wish to allow you to control their screen. 

Give Mouse/Keyboard control:

While "Screen Sharing" in a zoom meeting, you can "Give mouse/Keyboard control" to another participant that is in the meeting.

First, the host or participant must select "Share Screen", (Host cannot initiate screen share to present for another participant in the meeting.)

Next, move your mouse to the top of your meeting window/screen to "toggle" the drop-down screen sharing menu.


Select "Give mouse/keyboard control to" and then select the participant you would like to give control to. The participant can click anywhere on their screen to start control.

Regain control:

To regain control over your mouse and keyboard, simply "click" anywhere on your screen. 

Remote control using iPad:

When using an iPad you can touch and move the "Mouse icon" or tap the "Keyboard icon" to type.


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