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Zoom Local Recordings - Does the machine need to be on?

Question: Do I need to keep my computer on while the recording of my last meeting is processing / converting? 

Answer: Yes the computer that the recording was done on needs to remain on for the recording to process and convert to a usable file that can be shared with the course. 

Question: I do not have time to wait for this to finish and I do not want to leave the computer on while I'm gone, can I interrupt this process and not loose my recording?

Answer: Yes the processing can be interrupted and the processing will continue the next time the access the recording in the Zoom folder. 

To Resume an interrupted conversion:

Access the Zoom folder from within your Documents

Typical Folder location on the Local computer:  Documents>Zoom>Time Stamp of recording

Once in the folder that has the date of the recording, there will be several files; select the largest file. 


It will continue the conversion process...


Once the conversion completed, the list of items in the folder will change from the Temp and Converting options to the playback options.

NOTE: This process has been known to fail if the Zoom file has been relocated to a Network Drive folder.   For best results; keep the Zoom folder on the local machine.


For more information about local recordings, see the article here.


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