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Do not see Accept or Save Buttons on Financial Agreement

This is a common issue with some systems and Peoplesoft. It is solved by zooming out several times
until the buttons are visible.

To see the buttons, simply go to the financial agreement page and click on the browser to make sure it is
the active window then use Command and - buttons together on a Mac (you can also click View and
Zoom out on a Mac) several times until you see the Accept and Save buttons.


On a Windows device you can hold down the Ctrl and - buttons together several times (Zoom out to 60-70%) until you see the Accept and Save buttons. On some browsers you can click the upper right three dots or three lines and select a Zoom percentage of about 65% to see the buttons, zoom out more if required. (The image below is provided for reference, you should see a similar page after zooming out.)


Once you select Accept and then click Save and you will see the Next button at the top right of the
page. Click Next and the task list should be empty after this.

Some users have had an issue where they could not get the Next button to appear even after clicking
Accept and Save. If you experience this separate issue, see this article.

After resetting the preferences and logging back into Peoplesoft the Next button should appear in the
upper right corner after clicking Accept and Save.

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