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Verification Process Password Reset

Verification Procedure

  • Log into PeopleSoft
  • Click on 'My Favorites' - DO NOT CLICK ON OIT HOMEPAGE 
  • Click on 'Pin Info Query'
    • Click on the Diamond (upper right hand corner of the screen> NavBar > Navigator > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer
  • Ensure 'Search By' is set to 'Query Name'
  • Enter OIT_PIN_INFO on 'begins with' field then click 'Search'
  • On the OIT_PIN_INFO line - Click 'HTML'
  • Enter the First and Last Name, or Emlp ID, and click 'View Results'
  • Verify:
    • DoB
    • At least One additional item (verify as many as possible)
    • ID# 
      • If reading ID# from ID Card, the number will be preceded by 254
        ID# is the six(6) digits after 254
      • Perm Address 1
      • Perm City
      • Perm State
      • Mail Address 1
      • Home Email
      • Cell Phone
  • Failed Verification? 
    • Route to Claremont - Desktop Services
  • Passed Verification?
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