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Forgotten Password and Self Service Password Reset Process


Purpose of this Document  

Message to Users

Internal Help Desk Process

Add User to Self Service Password Reset Group

Assist User with Re-setting Temporary Password

Assist User with Self Service Password Reset


Purpose of this Document

At this time, users who have forgotten their password will need to contact Help Desk to have their password reset and gain access to CGU resources again. This document provides instructions to assist technicians with resetting passwords in Azure Active Directory and walking users through the Self Service Password Reset module.

Message to Users

Users will see this message in if they are looking for what to do if they have forgotten their password:

If you have forgotten your password or your password has already expired, please contact Help Desk by email at or by phone at (909) 621-8174 and they will assist you with resetting your password and making your account more secure.


Internal Help Desk Process

Verify the identity of the person.

Set a temporary password for the person in the Azure portal. Making this update will require the person to change their password immediately upon login.

Technicians will also add users into a group so they will be eligible for Self Service Password Reset.

Log into the Azure Portal 

Select Azure Active Directory then click Users

Click the search bar and type the user’s name, check the box next to the user’s name, and select Reset password

Within the Reset password window, type a new temporary password and click Reset password

Provide the user with the new temporary password

Add User to Self Service Password Reset Group

Technicians will also add the user to the Security Group “SSPR-Helpdesk-Enrollments.” This group makes the user eligible to utilize the Self Service Password Reset module in Microsoft 365.

While logged into Azure, select groups in the menu and search for “SSPR Helpdesk Enrollments.”



Select the group and click “Members” in the left menu. Then click the “+Add Members” to add the person who needs to do Self Service Password Reset.

When the pop up appears on the right side of the page, search for the person and click select at the bottom of the page.


Once the temporary password has been set and the user is in the “SSPR-Helpdesk-Enrollments” Group, assist the user with resetting their password and setting up their authentication methods through the SSPR process.

Assist User with Re-setting Temporary Password

Instruct the user to go to and sign in using their temporary password

Upon logging in, they will be required to change their password. Please note the password must conform to CGU password standards.

  • Enforce password history: 3 passwords remembered
  • Minimum length: 8

Assist User with Self Service Password Reset

Additionally, Help Desk Tech will need to re-set the password of the person so they can log in. To use SSPR, you must be able to log into your account. Once the person knows their password, walk them through the process because when they log in, they will be required to complete SSPR. Also walk them through the password change process because part of SSPR will include entering their temporary password which you have just reset, so they will need to change their password.


Setting Up Your Account for Self Service Password Reset

In order to make your Microsoft account secure, you will need to select one of the three options available, which can be used at a future time to reset your password, should you forget it.

To set up your account for Self Service Password Reset, to go:

On the right side, select Set up self service password reset.

The next page will ask you to confirm your current password.


You will be notified that additional information is required to set up your account in Microsoft 365. Click Next to continue setting up your account.


The next page will ask you to confirm your current password.

Select at least one authentication option.

Authentication Phone: Click “Set up now” to enter you’re a mobile or landline phone where you will receive a text or phone call for verification.

Enter the country or region where the phone is registered and the phone number, then select text or call to receive the verification.



Authentication Email: Click “Set up now” to enter a personal email where you will receive a verification email.

Enter the email address and click “email me.” Check this email address for the verification email from “Microsoft on behalf of Claremont Graduate University.”

The email will contain: “Your code is:” followed by a 6-digit code.

Enter this code in the verification box and click “Verify.”


Secret Questions: Click “Set up now” to set up security question for authentication. You must create five security questions.

Click the drop down and select your security question and then enter an answer.  

Select five questions and answer them and then click “Save Answers.”

When you have completed at least one of the authentication methods, click “Finish.”

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