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Master Teacher Accounts

Every year, Teacher Education requests a large number of new accounts to be created for local educators who mentor and perform observations of teacher candidates in our education programs. Master Teachers neither teach courses nor give grades. They are hired in Workday as adjuncts because they are paid a stipend from CGU (not payroll employees). However, they do not log into any CGU resources so we do not create AD accounts for them. This is a summary of the process and current contacts should additional questions arise about these accounts.


Education Department Contacts as of Fall 2020:

John Rodriguez 909-607-3693
Eddie Partida 909-607-2683
Melanie Kerr 909-607-8061


Accounts created in Workday by Human Resources contact as of Fall 2020:

Virginia Ramirez 909-607-2461


For account information, contact Enterprise Applications in OIT.

Process for Master Teachers:

  • Education should send a list of the year’s Master Teachers to Help Desk so we can create a ticket to track HR’s creation of Master Teachers in Workday. As they come through the following process, we will update the ticket and track creation of them and once all have been created for the year we can close the ticket. Ticket should be assigned to Enterprise Applications.
  • Master Teachers are hired in Workday as CGU Adjuncts
  • An HIR file is generated by Workday and sent to OIT.
      • If the person is currently affiliated with CGU, this file does not generate an LSPROD file.
      • If the person is not currently affiliated with CGU, an LSPROD file will be generated. However, this file will be moved to “Not Processed” so that an AD account is not created.
  • Because an account was created in PeopleSoft via the Workday integration, cleanup in PeopleSoft needs to be completed if faculty user profile was created. (If this Master Teacher was an alum, they will have a student user profile, which should remain untouched.)
      • Delete CGU email from Person Record
      • Delete any faculty affiliation from Relations to Institution
      • Delete OPRID


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