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When logging into a campus resource requiring Duo authentication, a  prompt will ask which method to use. Three choices are available to  authenticate:

  1. *Duo Push (recommended method): This method is available when downloading the Duo  app to a smart phone. The app will ask to verify a login. This is  the preferred method of authentication because it is the quickest  and easiest.

  2. Passcode: This method will send a text message with a  passcode to the phone linked. The passcode will then be entered  to verify the login. This only works with a phone capable of  receiving text messages. (Recommended next best option if Push is not used).
  3. Call Me: This method will call the phone linked to the account  and ask to verify a login attempt.

A preferred authentication method can be selected so Duo will automatically  use that method when logging in. Additionally, the “Remember me for 1  day” box can be checked if several logins will be done in a day. This allows  multiple logins within a day without reauthenticating using Duo.

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