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Grading in PeopleSoft

Grades can be entered into PeopleSoft following the steps below.

Grades entered in Canvas do not automatically sync to PeopleSoft. Final grades must be entered in PeopleSoft, even if they have been posted previously in Canvas. 
  1. Navigate to and select "Tools and Applications" at the top of the page.
  2. Click the PeopleSoft link and login.
  3. Click the Faculty Center tile and the term overview page will load.
  4. If the term shown is not the one you want to see, click Change Term, select the correct term, and then click Continue. (The term shown will always default to the most recent term scheduled, regardless of what the current term is.)
  5. An overview page with the schedule for a specific term will load.
  6. Confirm the correct term is in view and click the Class Roster icon immediately to the left of class listed in the term teaching schedule.
      • PS_Faculty_Overview_Roster_icons.PNG
  7. The roster for that class will load. (If you want to view a different class, click the Change Class button).
  8. Enter each student grade from the Roster Grade drop down selection.
      • Students who have arranged a special grading type (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, as opposed to a standard graded option) may have a different list of options than other students in the class.
      • Students who are auditing the class still require an entry (enter AU for a passing audit, U for a failing audit).
      • There is no option to select W (Withdrawn), as this is an enrollment notation only, and may not be assigned by instructors.
  9. While entering grades, the following message may appear, reminding that you have entered some grades and if you want to leave the page, you will need to either save your data or click the “Enable Tabs & Links” button to leave the screen and lose anything you have entered.
      • CGU_PS_enable_tabs_and_lose_work_or_save.PNG
  10. If you would like to save your work but have only partially completed the grades for that roster, change the Approval Status dropdown menu (in the upper right corner of the screen) to "Ready for Review" then click the Save button.
  11. When you are ready to enter additional grades, change the Approval Status to "Not Reviewed" and enter the additional grades.
  12. When all remaining grades have been entered, change the Approval Status to Approved then Save.
  13. When you are ready to post the saved grades, click the Post button.

To learn more about this process, see the Registrar Grades and Grading page.

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