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Qualtrics is now available to the students, faculty, and staff at CGU.


Qualtrics is an online service that allows users to easily collect, analyze, and act on large amounts of unstructured data with little or no programming. 

One can easily create surveys, have people take the surveys, and then analyze the results.  Features include:

  • the ability to display survey results graphically and statistically
  • the ability to export raw data in a variety of formats (CVS, XML, SPSS)
  • libraries of customizable templates and question banks that can be shared by users and groups
  • a “quick survey builder” guide for beginners
  • continuous file saving, minimizing potential data loss due to browser crashes
  • folders for survey organization

To get started with Qualtrics, just log into your portal web page at  Click on the Qualtrics icon, located along the left side of the web page, or click on “CGU Services” and select Qualtrics.  If this is your very first time using Qualtrics at CGU, then a web page will appear with two buttons.  Click on the one labeled “I don’t have a Qualtrics account”.  Qualtrics will create an account based on your CGU credentials and then ask you to fill in your name and other information.  Once done, you will be able to start using Qualtrics.


For resources, including training and documentation, please visit the Qualtrics webpage at  You will find the following resources at the website:

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