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Zoom is a full-featured web and video conferencing service that can be used to host online meetings, webinars, and interactive sessions with individuals inside and outside of Claremont Graduate University. Zoom has the following features:

  • Easy start and join
  • HD video and high-quality audio
  • Up to 300 participants
  • Screen sharing
  • Breakout rooms
  • Polling
  • Local recording of the session

Please scroll down to see a comparison of Zoom to other popular web conferencing services, to see a comparison between a basic account and a pro account, and to view guides on using Zoom.

Feature comparison

Feature Zoom Conferences inside Canvas Skype (free)
Max # of participants 300 Everyone who is in the class roster 10 with video; 25 if audio only
How to join Via a link; only the host needs an account Log into Canvas and go to the course site Everyone must have a Skype account and call the specifc Skype user name
Recording Records to a YouTube ready format Records to Canvas, but recording automatically deletes in 14 days Not available
Polling Yes Yes Not available
Break out rooms Yes Not available Not available

Basic account vs. Pro account

Feature Basic Pro
Length of meeting 2 people in the meeting: unlimited minutes


3 to 300 people in the meeting: 40 minutes (the host can start another meeting immediately and re-invite the participants to the new meeting)

unlimited minutes
Recordings records only to the local computer records to Zoom’s servers or to the local computer

*** Due to the limited availability of Pro accounts, Pro accounts that have not conducted a group call beyond 40 minutes for two consecutive months will be deactivated and switched to the Zoom Basic account.


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