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Annual Faculty Reviews


Annual faculty reviews are conducted for faculty members whose appointments have been or will be reviewed by APT (i.e., tenured, tenure-track, renewable term appointments with multi-year contracts).  If you are an adjunct faculty member or have an appointment that does not go to APT, you do not have to participate in this review process. 


The CGU policy on annual faculty reviews can be found here.  In brief, your dean/director will use the information you provide along with material from institutional sources (e.g., course enrollments) in reviewing your goals and activities in three main domains: scholarship/creative work, teaching and mentoring, and service.  In addition, your dean/director will have a conversation with you about your accomplishments and goals.     


Please complete the following three steps by May 1, 2021:


  1. Watch for an individualized email from the Office of the Provost sharing your Faculty Review Microsoft OneDrive folder. This folder will contain all of the information from CGU institutional files that outlines your grant activity, courses, advising, service, and training for your annual review. The folder will contain both information for the current review and from last year’s review in separate sub-folders.  This information will be provided to your dean/director; you will be able to edit these documents directly.  Program staff in your unit have already been asked to add copies of course syllabi and course evaluations to your folder. If there are any inaccuracies or omissions, please add a document to your 2020-2021 Faculty Review folder listing them.
  2. Add an updated cv to your 2020-2021 Faculty Review Folder.
  3. Please complete your brief narrative responses to the open-ended questions via this form: Faculty Evaluations Narrative Form 2021.  These questions are designed to encourage reflection and planning.  Your responses should be concise and it is permissible to present them in bullet point format.
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