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Canvas TEI Workshops

TEI participants are not CGU students and have guest Canvas accounts (there are a few exceptions).  If they call needing help, the info below may answer their questions.

  • Participants will log into Canvas at a special web address:
  • If they log out and need to log back in, clicking on the link on the web page will take them to the WRONG log-in web page. 
  • Their user name is the email address that they sent to TEI when they signed up for the workshops.  They should ignore the message on the web page about not using an email address.
  • If they do not know their Canvas password, they can click on the link labeled “guest account password reset” (NOT on the forgot password link).
  • If they are asking for the Zoom link, and agents have access to all course sites in Canvas, the agent can find the course site for the workshop to find the Zoom link.  Otherwise, ask them to contact their TEI contacts for that information.
More information is available here: TEI Technology Resources


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