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Faculty Guide to Online Grading

 Faculty Guide to Online Grading
1. Go to and scroll down to click the button, "View Resources for Faculty." Then click the
PeopleSoft link in the applications list.
2. Make sure the top dropdown menu says Faculty Center (some faculty are also assigned an
administrative role; you can select from your assigned roles by clicking the “Faculty Center” menu at
the top). Then, click the Faculty Center tile.

3. From the homepage of your Faculty Center, you can change the term to show the correct semester, if


4. Once you are in the correct semester, locate and click the Grade Roster icon next to the class for which
you are ready to enter grades.


5. Enter each student grade from the Roster Grade drop down selection. Students who have arranged a
special grading type (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, as opposed to a standard graded option) may have a
different list of options than other students in the class. Students who are auditing the class still require
an entry (enter AU for a passing audit, U for a failing audit). There is no option to select W (Withdrawn),
as this is an enrollment notation only, and may not be assigned by instructors.


Once you begin entering grades, the following message will pop up on the top of the screen. There is
no need to do anything regarding this message.

6. OPTION 1: If you have grades for all students in the course (a completed roster), once you have
entered all of the grades, change the Approval Status drop down option from Not Reviewed to
Approved, and click the yellow POST button.


OPTION 2: If you only have some grades ready (a partial roster), change the Approval Status to Ready for Review and click the yellow SAVE button.
When you are ready to enter the remaining grades, you must change the Approval Status to Not
Reviewed in order to submit more grades. After all remaining grades have been entered, change the
Approval Status to Approved and click the yellow POST button.

7. Repeat for each class on your schedule.

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